Revised Strategic Vision for AGE

Late in 2018, the Advisory Board and staff underwent a process to revise the strategic direction of AGE. Our school community then had input into the vision and we can now share the outcome. 


Growing sustainable communities of curious, creative, compassionate learners


To create a place where we all love to learn and dare to dream

Principles & Values

Balanced approach – whole person                    
Reflective practice & self inquiry
Socio Emotional development Belonging & wellbeing
Family & community connection Fun & innovation
Diverse perspectives & learning experiences.             
Discovering gifts and talents

Our Promise

You will:
Experience the thrill of learning
Find the magic in making mistakes
Have the confidence to dream
Master technologies to create amazing ideas
Work in a team to create meaningful impact
Build a lifelong family
Learn the art of balanced life choices
Have the competencies to flourish
Change the world